Basic Usage
How to start/quit program

To start this program, double click on PocketLaunch.exe which is in unzip downloaded file.
To quit this program, type [!end] in edit box on PocketLaunch.

How to register new applications

You can drag the icon which you want to register and drop into editbox on PocketLaunch, then Registration Dialog shows up.

You have to set the name that you want to call that application at [Command Name] field.
If you drop the link file(.lnk) PocketLaunch will find original file path from that link file

You can confirm if the correct file path was set at [File Path/Folder Path/URLs] field.

And also, you can set paramater at [Argument] field. But you don't need to care about this if you don't know what this means.

How to register Folders

You can drop folder into editbox as other file.

You can drag arround red circle in image to drag folder.
When you type this command, then PocketLaunch will open this folder.

And also, you can drag & drop URL from web browser.

How to adjust position

If you didn't check [Fix position] in setting window, you can find the area to drag PocketLaunch.

And if you didn't check [Fix size] in setting window, you can drag right side of window to resize window.

I strongry recommend to register HotKey

When you want to open application quickly, the best way is to register hotkey to access PocketLaunch.
To register hotkey, you type [!Setting] in editbox and press [ENTER], you can see [HotKey] field.
Type HotKey which you want. Ex: [Ctrl+p].

Once you set hotkey, even if PocketLaunch is hiding before other windows, you can move PocketLaunch to top most window.

How to execute command

Ex: You registered "PhotoShop" application named "Photoshop", at first you press [p].

Then other string will be complemented automatically.
When some candidate will be found,

First candidate will be set in the editbox and the other will be shown up in list window.
In this case, you can type next string to filter or you can select Up/Down key and when you hit [ENTER] then command will be executed.

You can use [Ctrl + p]/[Ctrl + n] for selection instead of Up/Down key.

How to show all registered commands

If you type Up or Down key with no text in editbox, you can confirm all registered commands
Up key is enabled if you check [List shows up side], Down key is enabled if you check [List shows down side].

After list shows, you can select command by Up/Down key and press [ENTER] to execute command.

How to manage clipboard

PocketLaunch can remember clipboard history.
If [Use Clipboard history] checked in setting window, PocketLaunch will remember number of [Number] in setting window.

To access history, type [TAB] with no text in editbox, then clipboard history will list up.

After list shows up, you can select Up/Down key and press [ENTER] to paste selected text to previous focused window.

System Command

PocketLaunch has default system commands.
System commands has ! (exclamation mark) at the front of the command name.

 Shows version and release note (it might be written in Japanese)
 Execute browser and shows help
 Open setting window
 Quit PocketLaunch
 Check the newest version from web
 Open window for register new command manualy
 Changing skin please watch How to use Skin page
 Reload Skin and settings again