What is PocketLaunch?

PocketLaunch serve 3 big purposes.

1: I want to launch application very quickly!
 I don't want to use a mouse!
2: I want browse my computer just like unix command line browse!
 I don't want to use a mouse!
3: I want to remember clipboard historys!

I made this program by these motivations.

And also, user can make skin and change skin very easily.

(No skin: default)

(Flog skin)
(Bear skin)

What are differences between other launcher?

I have used many kind of launchers but most of them needed to click <= I had to use a mouse!

I don't want to use mouse to open folder or launch applications...I'm tired to use mouse

PocketLaunch is the lanucher that you DON'T have to use mouse

So actually?

You run PocketLaunch then, you can see small window like this

All you have to do is drop application file, folder, URL into this editbox.
That will register those files to PocketLaunch

You just hit the hotkey which you have registered then to arvitate PocketLaunch

and then you type your code that you have registered to launch a file, a folder, URL, etc.

For example, if you have registered Photoshop for [ p ], type [ p ]

PocketLaunch will complete text string and you need just hit [ENTER] to open photoshop

In my case,
1: Press[ Ctrl + p ] to activate PocketLaunch
2: Press[ p ]
3: Press[ ENTER ]

just 3 actions to open photoshop!

You DON'T have to use mouuuuse!

And also, if there are some candidates that have name starting from [ p ]

Candidate lists up, and you can keep typing next characters or you can select by Up/Down key and hit [ENTER] to open that.

And, you can select from all registered commands,

You can browse your computer without a mouse, or you can copy files or folders WITHOUT mouse!