Useful Commands and techniques
Make all window small and showing desktop

Create a file and open that file by text editor, and write

Command=2 IconFile=explorer.exe,3

Name the file [desktop.scf]
you must put extension ".scf". After putting this name, extension will be hide automatically.

Extension of this file will be gone after you type [ENTER}, but it is correct if you can see the icon
I don't know why windows want to hide this extension, but this is spec of windows =(

if you see this file as [ desktop.scf ], it is [ desktop.scf.scf ] actually.
Double click to check if this shortcut is working corrctly.
If it is working, you can drop this file to PocketLaunch and register command.

How to confirm my IP Address

To do this, you need edit command.dat file in the folder where you install PocketLaunch.
Do not edit [ _command.dat ].
Add following text in command.dat
    Param='/k ipconfig /all'
File path depends on your environment.

Message to ME!

This is technique to open mail to myself.


File path and Dir path needs to be adjusted to your mailer path.
You need to write your mailaddress and Subject.

Load putty setting automatically

If you are using putty (SSH client software), you can load putty setting automatically.

    File='C:\Program Files\putty\putty.exe'
    Param='-load mysetting'
    Dir='C:\Program Files\putty'
[mysetting] is name of setting in putty.

How to define the startpoint of folder browse

    Path='E:\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\PocketLaunch'
If you write this in command.dat, then you can type [ PocketLaunchDev ] and press [TAB] to start browse from here.

you can open this folder if you press [ENTER]

And also, if you write

you can start browse from samba folder.

You can browse like this manually, but if you type directory in editbox,

\\ => [TAB]

You must type last charactor [ / ], currently [ \ ] does not work.