I have some nickname for playing network games but never used Pocket. This name came from this domain name :)

I opened this site in 2004, I'm using over 2 years, but I feel strange when somebody call me Pocket.

My family

Wife and one little kid

My company make me crazy. What is this crazy busy days!

I can't go home in normal time (I'm going home arround 1-3AM)

oohhmmm I'm afraid my wife...

C, C++, Java, MFC, OWL

I used Quick C long time ago, I changed to use Borland C++.

I was working for printer driver campany.

When Borland C++ 5.0 released at that time, I gave up to use Borland C and switch to Visual C++.

In Japan, there was no sample or help file written in Japanese at that time, Borland was only campany that translate those files.

I couldn't delete help file which was released with Borland C++ 4.2 yet.


I have 3 desktops

But I don't have any interest in hardware.

I had when I was young, I was walking whole day in Akihabara, and I was looking for cheep parts of PCs.

But now...I don't...

Actually, I don't like Akihabara now. (Human Jam...)